About The Red Lady

What is she?

The Red Lady is a spirit combining Caribbean rum, island fruits, and berries. It is considered a rum punch and is of 40 proof, 20% alcohol.

Where did she come from?

The concept of The Red Lady all began with the simple process of “party throwing”. On the college scene, there is a good amount of money to be made in providing social gatherings, specifically off-campus. The creator always stressed the importance of having class, therefore naturally when the beverage was made the first thing that came to mind was not only a woman but rather a lady.  

At a party in the fall of 2008 is where The Red Lady received her claim to fame. When concocting her, the decision to use readily available vodka as the base spirit was chosen.  In combination with the other ingredients, the taste did not quite match what was desired. This was the very first time The Red Lady was made on a grand scale. Up until then, she was nothing more than an adolescent in a 16-20-ounce bottle. A swift switch from vodka to rum planted her at the desired destination where smoothness and great taste reside. 

The event was a massive hit and the final headcount was approximately 300 people.  That occurrence was the starting point from which the belief that she would be a success began. As a domino effect, many encouraged the making of The Red Lady. Numerous small batches were produced and the acquisition of a small following of loyal customers over the years followed. In the fall of 2015 the decision to convert the idea of The Red  Lady into a real thing was made. She is here. She is grown. She is ready for the world to enjoy.